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Relocation testimonial



I just wanted to send you a quick note of praise for your team!


Rick Elson has been our realtor for our relo with Lilly these past few months and we could not have had a better experience.  I must admit I have a realtor in the area, as I did live here before, and I was quite nervous when Lilly told me I would be hooked up with someone I didn't know for our relocation and that I had to work with them.  My husband and I were pleasantly surprised to realize that Rick was more than we could have hoped for! 


His patience, attention to details, keen listening to our needs and wants and truly focused energy made the experience complete.  He truly knows the various areas of Indianapolis and was able to fully cross reference that with what he heard our desires to be.


What really set Rick apart was that it didn't stop once we bought the house and his job was technically done!  We were in a unique situation with Lilly where we were sent to China for 3 months in between California and Indianapolis and Rick was amazing helping me manage from across the waters.  He not only closed on the house for us and took care of every last phone call and piece of paperwork for me BUT he found, hired and opened my front door for cleaning ladies, repairmen, lawn service, painters, etc... He truly became a friend and did far more to help us and care for t he situation than even some of my closest friends!!


Not an email or phone call sat unreturned for any period of time from him.  Although I apologized many a time for feeling like a high-maintenance client- he NEVER treated me that way and did all he could to answer every question I had and settle every concern.


I can't tell you what a great experience it was for us and how thankful we are to have had our relocation go as smoothly as it did.  My husband, David, and I will forever use Rick and refer him to anyone we know buying a home. 


I just thought you should know the talent you have on your team, especially when it comes to relocations, which can be a tricky and stressful time for families.  Rick was great at easing that process.


Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!



Ashley & David Haase



I say you've gone far and above what we could have asked.  So if no one else says it, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  -K 
I like the out of the box thinking. I'm trying to do the same.  Thank you for your diligence.  It confirms that I chose wisely. -C
Good news that we are closed.  Thank you for all your assistance.  We have enjoyed working with you.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know looking for a realtor.  You will have to stop by to see the house after all the renovations are complete.
Have a great weekend! -S


Happy client in Meridian Kessler

When I first moved to Indianapolis, I was very unsure on where I wanted to live and whether I wanted to rent or buy a home.  Luckily while out looking at a rental property, I bumped in to Rick Elson.  He was able to explain to me, a potential first time home buyer, the risks and benefits of purchasing a home compared to renting.  Like most buyers new to this process, I was very tentative to make such an investment and scared of the whole process in general.   Rick eased those concerns: from making my first offer, through the financing and inspection processes, until closing day, Rick was there every step of the way answereing all questions that I had.  With his knowledge of the Indianapolis area and really listening to what I was looking for in a home, it did not take long to find and close on the place that was right for me.


Several years later it was time for me to find a larger home with more space.  Selecting Rick as my real estate agent was a very easy decision.


Thanks for all your help.


Kevin Jarvis


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